Servicing Ipswich and surrounding suburbs, Aussie Tree Lopping Ipswich is the fully insured tree services company to call upon for any tree maintenance needs Whether you require Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Stump Grinding, Tree Trimming, or land clearing, you require professional services offered by experienced and knowledgeable tree service experts. 

From storm damage tree services & tree lopping our friendly team can provide a free quote today for tree service Ipswich wide & surrounding suburbs.  We have been serving the local community with expert tree services for over 15 years. 

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About Our Tree Management Services

We are a locally owned and operated tree specialists company, known for its professional and reputable services throughout Ipswich Qld. We are represented on the ground by our team of qualified arborists who have served homeowners, businesses, and educational institutions along with regional councils & state government over the years.

As a leading tree removal service, we are relied upon to meet the tree needs of residents and homeowners alike. You can call us anytime and we will be happy to assist you with all your tree needs. Our professional tree removal service offers a wide range of services. Below is a highlighted list of our additional services in Ipswich.

Our range of tree services

The Best Tree Care Company in the Ipswich Area. 

Providing solutions to the Ipswich region, our team is without a doubt your top option for tree care Ipswich-wide. Our assurance to you is that we are skilled in all facets of tree care, tree cutting, and also offer you quality solutions that competing companies can not 365 days a year.


Tree branches and their lateral branches can outgrow their usefulness and pose a threat to people and property. As such, it becomes necessary to get rid of them. This need may also be driven by the necessity to get rid of infected branches to prevent diseases or pests from spreading.

 Our Ipswich tree lopping services are of high quality and committed to satisfying your needs for the proper care of trees. 

Why is IT SO Important?

It is one way of taking care of your trees. Our professional tree arborists in Ipswich can tell when your tree is diseased and offer comprehensive services to get rid of the infected branches.

When Lopping should be done

The need for lopping can be triggered by several reasons. Below are the most common triggers;

  • The need to cut off decaying branches

  • When a branch or branches are infested by pests and bugs.

  • To clear way for Cables and power lines

  • When they pose a threat to property

Palm Tree Removal Ipswich

There could be many reasons why you need to get rid of your palm trees through our palm tree removal services. Multiple trees could have been infected with a disease or infested with bugs. Your palm trees could be growing near electric lines or there could be a possibility of the trees harming pipelines, house structures, or walkways. You could also be looking to do a residence extension job.

Despite what the reason could be, our tree services offer an easy and fast palm removal solution that’ll get done in no time at all.

From Northern Ipswich to the Western Brisbane area, you will not find a better company to offer tree removal stump grinding services.  Don’t wait for storm damage to request our services.

Get in touch with us via email, call, or our online form and request an obligation free quote today.



Our tree removal costs are also very affordable even if you have large trees in your backyard. Our range of tree care and tree removal mandates extends to all types of trees, including a mango tree.

Our company in Ipswich provides tree cleaning services too. These services are to ensure your trees remain clean and attractive. If need be, we can also remove them to make way for other use for your space.

Stump Grinding Ipswich

Tree stumps are what remains of the tree when you have it removed. Tree Stumps need to be gotten rid of because they trigger lots of issues when left on a residential or commercial property. Stumps are an eyesore, ruining the aesthetics of your outdoor. They also serve as a threat to the little ones.

In most cases, tree removal does not include stump removal after cutting down a tree. A stump can hinder you from doing what you want with your yard or outdoor space. It limits your usage of the space making it hard to undertake any yard improvement project.

Call us right now to schedule your stump grinding Ipswich now and be free of any type of troublesome stumps that are in your backyard with our stump removal service


We have years of expertise in tree maintenance and care of multiple trees’ needs. One important service is tree pruning. It serves to improve and maintain a tree’s aesthetic appeal and overall health. From small trees to beautiful large trees, pruning can guide the growth of your trees, limit the infestation and even help them withstand tough weather.


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Whenever you pick the services of our experts you are selecting the best-skilled tree businesses that will guarantee that your tree removals or tree pruning task will be as pain-free and smooth as it can be.

In addition, every tree expert in our team is fully registered and certified to ensure we provide high-quality service that is in line with the industry standards.

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To be well prepared for any eventualities, every member of our team is fully insured with a public liability cover. That way, you cannot be held liable financially or legally should something happen as we provide our services to you.

Even with the appropriate safety gear, accidents can occur out of nowhere. That is why we have taken the steps to ensure your property and our staff are safeguarded should anything happen.

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Pruning tree branches and offering tree stump removal for over two decades. We consider ourselves part of the Ipswich business community. Our services are offered at a competitive price, making them affordable to all and sundry.

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Economical does not just suggest we cut corners. It shows peace of mind, reliable practices, high company ethics, and ecological principles, all included in our service. Our tree removal and stump grinding services are regulated by the Queensland Arboricultural Association. With our instant effective tree care at economical prices is guaranteed.

We pride ourselves on providing reputable services. Call us today for a free quote on our quality and affordable services from our friendly team.

Tree Pruning Ipswich


We won’t come out and just tell you that a removal service is needed. We want you to know the rationale behind our every move to ensure that you are satisfied with our great service. If there are various other alternatives, like cabling, bolting treatments, winter season pruning, etc., we will advise you.

We will keep you engaged throughout our work. Keeping you informed can help in making quick decisions through consultations when needed.

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We believe trees are a large component of what makes Ipswich great. We pride ourselves in not only being just one of the teams in tree North Ipswich relies upon but also as a business concentrated on tree trimming, tree pruning, stump grinding, and also stump removal and palm tree services.

Trusted. When our team says we are going to deliver on professional tree services that’s what we do no matter what. We pride ourselves on our professional tree services and tree management and have done to the residents on Ipswich QLD 4305 for over 15 years. 

Neighbor mindful. Our Tree Removal staff under practically no circumstance will set foot in a neighbor’s backyard. 

Great Workers. We strongly think that every great company needs to have great tree service in ipswich. Because of this, we put all our professionals through rigorous screening processes for our local business! They are well educated for all urban area small tree removal and land clearing.

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