Places To Visit In Forest Lake, QLD

There are many different attractions in Forest Lake. There are The Lake Parklands and Homestead Park. There is also Banksia Village Park. These are just a few of the most popular attractions in the area. There are many other activities that are sure to keep people entertained throughout the day.

the lake parklands

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The Lake Parklands

Address: Forest Lake Blvd, Forest Lake QLD 4078, Australia

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Latitude: -27.6206503

: 152.9643233

A terrific spot for a stroll, an outing or to simply read a book. The lake has several car park points of entry as well as it is well connected to pathways to various other parts of the location. The council work well to boost the rivers as well as maintenance of the lake and also borders. There are toilets, play ground as well as adequate seating about. Well worth a visit, it can get busy on weekend breaks!

Did you know that The Lake Parklands rates 4.4/5 based on 621 total ratings?

Reviews for The Lake Parklands
K Jean
25 reviews
a week ago
Beautiful natural setting and lots of wildlife to see as you walk around the lake. There is also a lovely little cafe overlooking the lake, Simple Bliss. Lucky to spot a pair of Cotton Pygmy Geese in the lake, first time seeing them.
58 reviews

8 months ago

Nice park for walk .nice walking track along the lake with beautiful views.public toilets are also there… there is coffee shop in a half way of walking area ,play area for kids and you can find and see so many ducks ,birds and turtles.Dogs are allowed for a walk .
peter jakacki
4 reviews

7 months ago

While we enjoy the lake, it is like this at present. If Peter, Paul, and Mary wrote a song about the lake, they might sing: Where has all the birdlife gone, long time passing? The pelicans, swans, and colored ducks… The experts have tried this and that! Oh when will they ever learn? In the meantime please let flowers grow So young ones can laugh and play As old ones watch the waters flow We all look forward to that day.

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Banksia Village Park

Address: 17A Banksia Cct, Forest Lake QLD 4078, Australia

Phone: 07 3403 8888

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Latitude: -27.6116125

: 152.9658303

Great little surprise bush park tucked away in the residential areas. This little playground was very surprising, wonderful playground tools all brand-new by the looks of it.

Did you know that Banksia Village Park rates 3.9/5 based on 24 total ratings?

Reviews for Banksia Village Park
Desleigh Monaghan
43 reviews
5 months ago
Small park suitable for short walk with my little dogs. Well maintained
Navid Besharat
33 reviews
8 months ago
As peaceful and pleasant as a tiny village park should be
Roof Knight
25 reviews
2 years ago
Great place to relax
Homestead Park

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Homestead Park

Address: 9 Atherton Cct, Forest Lake QLD 4078, Australia

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Latitude: -27.6077972

: 152.9555778

Amazing background household park with tennis courts, swings, as well as lots of ache cones for kids to accumulate
In 1901 The Battle each other of Windsor went to the website and also planted this hugging tree. So while you exist provide it a HUG.

Mangoes trees were grown by the household which is now a symbol of the homestead.

Did you know that Homestead Park rates 4.3/5 based on 68 total ratings?

Reviews for Homestead Park
Tricia Dziuma
28 reviews
10 months ago
My dogs love walks and smells and exploring the park, even after 11 or 12 years. It has a great playground for children and we often find ourselves chatting with other visitors there with their little ones always coming over to see and pat my pooches. It has a lovely relaxing air about it. I’ve met several visitors who have come from other suburbs just to enjoy the tranquillity!😊
Trish Sparkles
281 reviews
2 months ago
Nice little park for children
Michael Collins
548 reviews
a year ago
Brilliant park for pets and children also nice lawn for friends lovers or loners Great location it’s kinda hidden away Always shady trees to relax under Some easy parking It’s a safe park that is well maintained gardens and paths look great as dose playground for the kids or adults that are young at heart

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